Car bodies lighter than styrofoam

Newly developed metallic “micro-lattice” material is world’s lightest

“Researchers have created a new metallic material that they claim is the
world’s lightest solid material. With a density of just 0.9 mg/cm3 the
material is around 100 times lighter than Styrofoam and lighter than the
“multiwalled carbon nanotube (MCNT) aerogel” – also dubbed “frozen smoke
– with a density of 4 mg/cm3 that we looked at earlier this year.
Despite being 99.99 percent open volume, the new material boasts
impressive strength and energy absorption, making it potentially useful
for a range of applications.”

“…with the ability to completely recover from compression exceeding 50 percent strain. This is due to the fact that the extremely small wall thickness-to-diameter ratio of the material makes the individual tubes flexible.”

So imagine me a vehicle with protective panels, if not significant parts of the body structure, composed of this material.  Imagine hitting another vehicle at 50km/h and not having to claim on insurance, and have your vehicle rebound back into shape.  Imagine it also being lighter than a feather and running on low-power electric motors.

I want this future.


About Sten Nigol

Aspiring industrial designer, archer, hobbyist musician and car enthusiast.
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