Wireless, but not in the typical sense

Future Lightweight Cars Will Have Beams Of Light Under The Hood

“Researchers from the University of Warwick think that auto manufacturers
can eventually do away with most of the wires under your vehicle’s
hood, replacing them with beams of light that communicate with each
other. The research
into optical wireless, a technique that allows data signals to travel
through light, has a number of potential vehicle applications: creating
efficient communication between the engine management system,
temperature sensors, brakes and vehicle speed control; beaming videos
and music to in-car entertainment systems via overhead lights; even
providing a simple LED light source.”

Not just wireless, but an accurate, optical-fibre-without-fibre way of communicating.  Now that sounds promising.


About Sten Nigol

Aspiring industrial designer, archer, hobbyist musician and car enthusiast.
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