I’m Sten Nigol, and this blog is detailing the research and project progression of my final year Major Project in mobility design at RMIT University in Australia.  To me, the future of mobility lies in exploring how we can alter our mobility solutions to suit the varying needs of individual users, and designing better systems within which various forms of mobility can coexist.

At present, our cities of cars, trams, trucks and bikes are haphazardly-evolved, confusing and often sluggish to traverse in a vehicle as large as a car.  But what happens if the standard shifts from cars to something else? Or if the cars were to shift themselves?  Or, go the whole way – make the cities shift to meet the cars in a wave of efficiency and timely travel.  Somewhere in there is the future of our urban mobility, and this blog is my way of exploring how that is going to turn out.

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