Stack Car

Stack Car By Michelin For 2046 | Futuristic NEWS

Not a novel concept by any means – a little naive, if you ask me.  However, the styling looks interesting and the it catches the eye rather distinctively.

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Crazy Narrow Commuter Car

The Tango from Commuter Cars

Tango’s ability to maneuver through traffic is second to none. Being 5″
narrower than many motorcycles, it can get through traffic like no
other car in history. Where lane splitting is permitted (i.e., driving
between lanes of stopped or slow-moving traffic), the advantage can be
staggering. In extremely heavy traffic, a Tango or motorcycle can travel
in 20 seconds the distance that cars travel in 20 minutes.”

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Build it, and they will come

East West Link – Budget announcement and information for landowners

Coalition government announces that $294 million will be devoted to the construction of Melbourne’s East-West link tunnel.  A surprise, as the previously-adopted primary strategy to alleviate road congestion has been to build more roads, which has resulted in our current situation of mostly city-wide gridlock.  So the solution? Build another road, but underground.  This will simply be another problem.

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World’s Most Powerful Electric Concept

Applus+ Idiada Volar-E – The World’s Most Powerful Electric Vehicle (+VIDEO)

“The car is based on the Croatian Rimac Concept One
electric supercar, and its four electric motors with 1000 hp and 1002
Nm of torque, the most powerful electric car on the planet.

Volar-E to “hundred grand” accelerates in just 3.4 seconds and achieve a top speed, which is 300 km / h takes 12.1 seconds.

The project, which is financially supported by the European
Commission, was completed in only four months, and the end result is
carbon fiber bodywork, chrome-molybdate chassis and carbon-ceramic

Fully charge the battery, power 35kWh, it is 15-20 minutes.”

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How to Fit More People in Every City

Kent Larson: Brilliant Designs To Fit More People In Every City

Kent Larson: “The idea was to give everybody a car, build roads to everything and give them a place to park when they get there.  It was not a very functional model – and we still live in that world!”

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User Based Transport Data

Charting Transport

A great selection of user-based maps and stats showing mode share density and other information around Melbourne up to 2011.

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Department of Transport Stats

Investing in Transport – Chapter 4: Melbourne’s roads

Good breadth of data regarding traffic volumes and congestion information and statistics.

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Why people use Their Cars

Van Acker – Full PDF Article

A fantastic insight into the role of perception in defining travel mode choices.

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Changes in Travel Demand in Melbourne

Changes in Travel Demand in Melbourne – is it time for a new paradigm?

“there has been a dramatic increase in patronage on sustainable modes of travel most evident in the surge in public transport patronage. … The conclusion from this research is that it might be time to proclaim a new paradigm of travel choices in Melbourne which has significant implications for future patronage forecasting.”

Sustainable travel is the way foward, according to Webb.  This would therefore be in favour of integrating road based travel with the public transport network, if the road-based vehicle is electric and publicly owned.

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Protean: In-Wheel Motors

Protean’s In-Wheel Electric Motors Coming To Market In 2014

“The holy grail of electric vehicle technology is in-wheel electric
motors, which put power directly to the street and eliminate a host of
other parts. In-wheel electric motor maker Protean claims that by next year, production of their revolutionary product will begin.”

Maybe they’re not all that far off.

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